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A single child uses on average 4,000-6,000 disposable nappies until they get potty trained. This means immense harm to our environment. But your single contribution can bring us one step closer to a more sustainable way of living and reducing the negative impact on the environment. Melu Monkey Eco-Nappies are designed with added comfort for babies and advanced eco-friendly features. Our idea and your consideration will help us achieve the goal of a sustainable environment.

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What Makes “Melu Monkey Eco Nappies” the Next-Gen Idea?

Current Nappy Stats:

  • A household with a single child accounts for 1500 – 3000 dirty disposable nappies per year.
  • High usage of non-biodegradable nappies.
  • Each household with a child uses approximately 42 nappies a week.
  • Regular disposable nappies can sit on landfills for over 500 years.

Can you imagine how many dirty nappies we’re dealing with right now?

How can we be the change?

Melu Monkey Eco Nappies brings to you nappies that are:

  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Industry Leading Absorbent
  • Eco-friendly & Biodegradable
  • Ideal for Sensitive Skin

60% of these advanced nappies degrade within 75 days of disposal.

Be a responsible parent and choose Melu Monkey Eco-Nappies.

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To offer a seamless combination of ultra-comfortable and environment-friendly nappies for the next generation.

What Are We Aimed At

What Melu Monkey Eco Nappies Offer

To Your Child

1. A Soft & Silky Touch With Strong Absorption

2. Properties Ideal for a Baby's Sensitive Skin

3. Odour Resistant and Anti Leak Technology

1. Over 60% Decomposition in About 75 Days

2. Biodegradable Polybag Wrapping

3. Raw Material From Sustainable Resources

To The Environment

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What's The Goal With The Fund Raised

Production of the Highly Awaited Melu Monkey Eco-Nappies!

Marketing and Sales in the UK

The raw materials will be sourced ethically, and production as per all the guidelines by FSC under adequate steps will take place.

Marketing and selling of the Melu Monkey Eco-Nappies within the UK.

What Will You Get in Return

Based on your support, we are offering you the following discounts:

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On average, a standard £40.00 coupon could see you with savings of between £75.00 and £140.00 (subject to usage) over the course of 12 months. Purchase your coupon before the 13th October 2020 and you can double your savings with the Super Early Bird Prize.

*No limitations to the use of discounts on your purchase in the qualifying periods. So the more you buy the more you save.

With our idea to add new Eco products for babies and children to '' over the coming years, the longer your qualifying period the greater the savings you can enjoy.
Remember your discount is applicable to all of the products on ''.



Amelia was born


Concept of Melu Monkey came into being




Original concept was formed


Research over comfortable and eco-friendly nappies began



Planning to launch the official Melu Monkey Eco Nappies in the United Kingdom


Design developed and tested





Melu Monkey trademark registered


Foundation of Melu Monkey

In order to address the existing issues and bring about a wave of changes, the team at Melu Monkey came up with the groundbreaking innovation of comfortable and biodegradable Eco Nappies. The constant efforts of team members as the foundations of Melu Monkey made it reach the current level of reality. The best people, together with their creativity and experience, have made the unthinkable possible!

Shabnam, the founder of Melu Monkey, with her diverse portfolio of having worked across various sectors including Energy, Engineering, Fashion, and more, decides to develop a unique venture supporting both the environment and children's health, thus bringing Melu Monkey to existence.

Seher holds expertise in working with young children in EYFS. Her valuable contributions lead Melu Monkey to keep evolving in terms of advancements favouring children and the environment.

While Children Desire Comfort, Earth Hopes to Be Healthier!
Bring Their Wishlist To Life!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes will the Melu Monkey Eco-nappies be made available?

Our nappies will be available from New-Born size to a UK Size 5 Nappy. We intend to have the larger sizes available in the Melu Monkey Eco-Nappy pants which will be coming soon.

Have you tried the Melu Monkey Eco Nappies?

Our test batch of Melu Monkey Eco Nappies has been used by my youngest 2 daughters who loved them. In fact, they refused to wear other leading brand nappies afterwards and very quickly transitioned from Nappies to being toilet trained. Although you may think the view is biased, have a read of some of the reviews that we have received from our test group below.

What is the purpose of the elasticated waistband?

The elasticated waistband helps with the comfortability of the Eco-nappy for your baby, especially when they are moving and bending around.

How well do Melu Monkey Eco Nappies absorb compared to other leading brands?

Our tests have shown that the Melu Monkey Eco Nappies, in most instances, are more absorbent than leading branded nappies on the market.

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